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Bourse Active

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For investors who execute more than 8 orders per year of an amount less than or equal to €8,000.


The Bourse Active offer gives you access to analysis and decision-making assistance tools.

  • Annual safe custody fees
  • none

in detail

Online Rates (1)

for brokerage feescustomizable

Take advantage of customized rates for your transactions on NYSE Euronext Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels:

  • €17.99 per order up to €8,000
  • 0.35% for amounts above €8,000

Online Rates (1)

for management feesreduced

  • No annual safe custody fees
  • Reduced annual management fees (2)
  • No monthly inactivity fees (3)

Tools and services

Active Offer AdvantagesAvailable to you

Our tools and services will assist you with your investments. You can then:

  • The Screener: benefit from a thorough professionally analyzed outlook with its performance indicators on more than 3,000 securities
  • Smartstops: estimate a share's fall potential and your losses over the short and medium term
  • Tradegate: access alternative marketplaces so you can benefit from extended trading hours (from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm) by selecting this alternative marketplace when you place your orders
  • Personal List: create your own personal list and test your investment strategies


net bourseexperts at your service

Access our specialized Stock Exchange call center to:

  • place orders and make transactions on securities(4)
  • receive assistance with your transactions

Net Bourse specialists are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm and on Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Further details

Detailed characteristics of

Bourse Active

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  • Applied fees
  • Net bourse
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eligibility criteria

Any BNP Paribas customer with a Financial Instruments Account, Equity Savings Plan or SMB Equity Savings Plan is eligible for the Bourse Active offer.

(1) For more information, please read our rate guide.
(2) No annual management fees once 9 orders are executed per year. If not, you will be charged €150 in annual management fees.
(3) No inactivity fees if 1 order is executed per month. If not, you will be charged €8 per month in inactivity fees.
(4) Stock orders placed via Net Bourse incur €11.90 in additional transaction fees if executed.

FAQ ()

  • How can I find out my current rates?
  • To learn more about your current rates, please contact your advisor at your branch or Net Épargne.
  • How can I change my rates?
  • If you would like to sign up for the Bourse Start or Bourse Active offers, contact your advisor at your branch, Net Épargne or Net Bourse. It's simple and immediate!
  • Is there help available for investing in the stock markets?
  • Your plans, investment objectives, risk profile, and the term and amount you would like to invest will determine which investments are best suited to your needs. For a personal evaluation and appropriate responses, please contact a Savings Specialist.
  • What is Net Bourse and what are its benefits?
  • Net Bourse is a stock exchange investment platform for the Bourse Start and Bourse Active offers. These experts can provide you with information and assist you with using the tools and services made available to you. They can also place orders for you.(1)
    To find out how you can take advantage of this offer, contact a Savings Specialist.

    (1) Stock orders placed via Net Bourse incur €11.90 in additional transaction fees if executed.

In addition

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For assistance or to make a claim/contest a charge, your advisor can be reached on their direct line (a standard rate call).

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