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The Equity Savings Plan is a securities and cash account for investing in French and European real estate (stocks and UCI funds) while benefiting from tax advantages.

  • The amount of the deposits made into an equity savings plan is capped at
  • €150,000

In detail

Tax advantages


Your capital gains are tax-exempt(1) if your keep your Equity Savings Plan for 5 years. After 8 years, you may make partial withdrawals while retaining your Equity Savings Plan.

(1) Excluding social security contributions


build capitalSave at your own rate

Make deposits or set up automatic transfers to build your capital your capital up to €150,000.(2)

(2) Individuals subject to joint taxation (married or domestic partners) may each hold a Equity Savings Plan.

Savings diversification

a wide range of ucisat your disposal

Invest in stocks and UCI funds on the French and European markets.
Our line of UCI funds eligible for the Equity Savings Plan.

Preparing for retirement

tax-exempt pensionavailable after 8 years

After 8 years, the capital in an Equity Savings Plan can be converted into a tax-free life-annuity.(3)

(3) Excluding social security contributions on a portion of the life-annuity.



We will reimburse the transfer fees at a flat rate of €150 (if the minimum amount of the transferred Equity Savings Plan is €5,000).

Further details

Please note

A person may hold only one Equity Savings Plan.

Detailed features of the


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  • Insurance
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Sign-up conditions

Any private individual with a tax residence in France may open an Equity Savings Plan, but may hold only one Equity Savings Plan. Individuals who are married or domestic partners and subject to joint taxation may each hold an Equity Savings Plan.

It is not possible to hold an Equity Savings Plan in an undivided or joint account. Similarly, a dependent (for instance, a child under 18) may not open an Equity Savings Account.

The composition of an Equity Savings Plan

An Equity Savings Plan consists of a securities account and an associated cash account.

Account funding

The recommended deposit on opening is €16, which starts the process of squaring the account at maturity (see effective date). Deposits, by transfer, may be made individually or set up automatically. Depending on your management profile, you can fund your Equity Savings Plan in three different ways:

  • If you have a good knowledge of financial markets and want to maintain your independence: buy and sell your stocks yourself
  • If you prefer to receive advice from our experts and delegate management: invest in markets with ease through BNP Paribas UCI funds, including the Profiléa offer (please consult the overview charts below)
  • If you want to protect your investment while participating in the growth of the stock market: select in confidence among our regularly offered guaranteed maturity funds

Please note

Diversified UCI funds, whether based on economic sectors or predominately geographic zones, should be considered only as a limited portion of your net worth, given the concentration of risk involved. To ascertain your Risk Profile, create your "Customer Profile" either with your brand advisor or, after logging in, at


Deposits into the cash account are capped at a maximum of €150,000, or €300,000 for a married couple or domestic partnership, if both spouses or partners each hold an Equity Savings Plan (excluding gains acquired as part of the Equity Savings Plan).

The invested and developed savings may therefore exceed the maximum limit.


The fiscal term required to obtain a tax exemption on the gains and income is a minimum of five years.

Beyond eight years, you have several options:

  • Retain the Equity Savings Plan under the same conditions
  • Receive a tax-free life annuity
  • Make partial withdrawals without closing the account

Effective date

The effective date is generated by the initial deposit. This is the reference date for calculating the tax periods (five and eight years) required for exemption (except social security withholding).

EQUITY SAVINGS PLAN eligible securities

The securities below, which are issued by a company whose headquarters are in France or another European Union member state, Iceland or Norway; and which are subject to corporate income tax or an equivalent tax under conditions of common law (with exceptions):

  • Stocks, investment certificates
  • Shares of a SARL (limited liability company) or companies with an equivalent status
  • UCI stocks or shares (of French SICAVs or mutual funds, or UCI funds established in the European Union, Iceland or Norway) of which at least 75% of the assets are invested in European equities eligible for the Equity Savings Plan
  • Shares of FCPR funds (Fonds Communs de Placement à Risque---venture capital funds) and FCPI funds (Fonds Communs de Placement dans l'Innovation---innovation funds), adhering to the 75% quota in eligible securities, except those allotted to officers or members of the management team of these funds.

Securities of non-listed companies For this latter category, the following procedure must be respected:

  • Send a letter of commitment to the bank
  • The bank sends an information letter to the company that issues the securities
  • The company issuing the security sends you a confirmation letter, which you then send to the bank

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