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BNP Paribas offers you a wide array of funds, allowing you to establish or develop the savings that will help you carry out your various plans.


Discover our selection of funds in detail.

Ideas for your portfolio

  • acceder-aux-marches-investissements-diversifies-vignetteAccess the markets with diversified investmentsAccess "all-in-one" management, for which the fund manager adapts the content of your portfolio (stocks, bonds, etc.) over time, based on the financial realities of the day and your expectations.
  • investir-grandes-entreprises-mondiales-vignetteInvest in large global corporationsAccess stocks of financially healthy large businesses in France, Europe, America and emerging countries.
  • Épargner responsableSocially responsible investingAccess businesses and institutions whose operations include environmental protection, a social aspect or good corporate governance.
  • contribuer-developpement-PME-vignetteContribute to the development of SMBs Access innovative small and medium-sized French and European firms that are known for their dynamism and the diversity of the economic sectors they cover in order to benefit from their potential for performance.

Our responses to two of your major needs

OPCs (Organismes de placement collectif) are collective investment funds organized under French Law. They present a risk of capital loss and are exposed, in particular, to the following risks: stocks, fees, credit, convertible bonds, emerging markets, commodities, real estate, foreign exchange rates and counterparty. In addition, the investor is advised that his OPC investment will be subject to fees based on the chosen investment framework (securities account, equity savings plan, life insurance or capitalization contract). These fees will affect the amount of capital invested and the return on the investment (considering the commissions for signing up for an OPC within a securities or equity savings plan account, and the entry fees or arbitrage fees for a life insurance/or capitalization contract, and the annual management fees for a life insurance contract, capitalization contract or equity savings plan). Before signing up, please read the DICI (Key Investor Information Document) sent to you by the bank, as well as the prospectus and annual report available to you at the branch and on the website