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Accimmo Pierre REIT

Real Estate Investment

Build capital for your retirement by investing in commercial real estate


Investing in Accimmo Pierre REIT allows you to diversify your savings in commercial real estate.

59 properties, more than €1 billion in real estate assets*

* Data as of 2015-12-31.

In detail

Invest in Real Estate

diversify your assets with real estatevary your real estate investments

Diversify your assets with indirect investments in commercial real estate and capture both high and low real estate market performance.

Investing in Accimmo Pierre REIT involves a risk of loss of capital.

Commercial Real Estate

offices, businesses or warehouses in Franceobtain access with a small amount

Obtain indirect access to commercial real estate starting at €1,910*.

Investing in Accimmo Pierre REIT offers limited liquidity. Accimmo Pierre REIT does not guarantee the buyback of your shares or their sale price.

* In effect as of 2016-04-01.

Delegated property management

MANAGEMENT OF YOUR REIT BY PROFESSIONALSinvest without worrying about management

The selection and management of your properties will be entrusted to a reputable French management company committed to sustainable development: BNP Paribas REIM France.

This management incurs a fee.

Building Capital

potential quarterly earningsFROM THE COLLECTED RENT

The saver will collect potential earnings quarterly.

The performance of the REIT will especially depend on variations in the real estate market.

Earnings and capital from the REIT are not guaranteed. Earnings may increase or decrease.

Please note

As a supplement to "bricks and mortar investment", paper real estate investment consists of investing in shares or equities of companies that buy and manage properties. In so doing, you can build long-term savings, particularly via investments in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Traditionally, REITs regularly pay out earnings from the rent they collect.

Invested capital and earnings are not guaranteed by the REITs.

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Detailed features of the

Accimmo Pierre REIT

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All types of subscribers, both private individuals and legal entities, including minors and non-residents, with the exclusion of "U.S. Persons."

REIT shares have not been nor will be registered by virtue of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 (hereinafter the "1933 Act"), or by virtue of any law applicable in a U.S. state. Consequently, shares may not be transferred, offered or sold, either directly or indirectly, in the United States of America (including its territories and possessions), for the benefit of any United States citizen ("U.S. person," as defined by the U.S. "Regulation S" passed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) within the 1933 Act).

Please note:

For minors, the subscription form must be completed in the name of the minor, include their legal situation and be signed by their legal representative(s).

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FAQ ()

  • Can I finance the purchase of Accimmo Pierre REIT shares with a loan?
  • The purchase of Accimmo Pierre REIT shares may be financed by a redeemable or bullet loan, on the condition of acceptance of the file.

    Loan interest is deductible from the property earnings.

    In the event of subscription of your shares by the use of debt and the withdrawal of your shares, the transfer of your shares may not repay the entirety of your debt.

    Furthermore, in the event of failure to repay the granted loan, REIT shares may need to be sold, which may entail a loss of capital.

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