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Livret A savings account


Livret A

The Livret A savings account is available at all times with a 0.75%(1) interest rate, tax free, with an account balance limit of €22,950.

  • Interest rate offered
  • 0.75%(1)

In detail

Precautionary savings

100% secureAlways available

Manage your Livret A as you wish, for as long as you wish.

Adding funds

Deposits or automatic transfersIt's up to you!

Choose the method and amount of your deposits into your Livret A.

Holding a Livret A

Holding only one Livret AOne per person

An individual may have only one Livret A at only one bank and at no other.

Further details

Detailed characteristics of the

Livret A savings account

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  • Eligibility, interest rate offered, interest calculation method and posting dates, limit, deposits, withdrawals, term
  • Taxation
  • Livret A protection
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Any private individual may open a Livret A (whether or not of legal age, whether a resident or non-resident of France). The Livret A may be opened for one individual only: it may not be opened as a joint account, i.e. in the name of two persons.

The same person may not hold more than one Livret A (or Livret Bleu from Crédit Mutuel).

A Livret A may be opened by a protected adult, but only when duly represented or assisted.

Interest rate offered

The Livret A pays a 0.75% interest rate (rate set on 2015-08-01) after tax and social security contributions.

Method of interest calculation and posting dates

Interest is calculated using the accrued and backdated interest methods. Withdrawals made before the 31st of December of the current year produce backdated interest that is subtracted from any projected interest that may be calculated for the year.

Deposits accrue interest as of the first day of the fornight that follows the deposit or transfer (the 16th of that month or the 1st of the following month). Amounts withdrawn stop accruing interest as of the first day of the fornight during which the withdrawal was made (either the 1st or the 16th).

In order to avoid losing a single day of interest, we advise that you make your deposits before the 16th or the 1st of the month and your withdrawals after the 15th or after the 30th.


The maximum account balance in a Livret A is limited to €22,950.
This limit can only be exceeded by the amount of interest paid in.

For example: you currently hold €16,280 in your Livret A due to your deposits, withdrawals and interest paid in.

Therefore you may still deposit €22,950 - €16,280 = €6,670.

Transfers and deposits

A minimum of €10 is required for your first deposit as well as for every subsequent deposit.

You may add to your Livret A at your discretion or periodically (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly).


There is no limit on how long you keep your Livret A account.

(1) Rate established on 2015-08-01.

FAQ ()

  • Is it possible to open a Livret A account for a minor?
  • You are a grand-parent, godparent or relative of a young child or adolescent and want to open a Livret A to build their savings when they reach majority? It will be difficult to do so if you are not their legal representative: besides parents and guardians, only them can open a Livret A for a minor.
  • A Livret A account for a minor: What is the role of a legal representative?
  • Legally, the child may open a Livret A without their representatives. However, they may not access the money unless accompanied by their legal representative until they turn 16.
    At BNP Paribas, we require the signature of at least one legal representative at the time the Livret A is opened. However, it is recommended that both parents sign.
  • What is meant by "compound interest"?
  • When money is invested in an interest-producing account, over time, this interest becomes part of the capital and, in turn, will produce more interest.
    Compound interest is just the process of more and more interest accruing over time once the money has been invested.
    The good news is that in the end, you will recover the capital you deposit, the interest accrued and the interest earned by this accrued interest.
  • Can an expatriate residing in France open a Livret A?
  • Yes, you may open a Livret A. Please contact your advisor to find out more.
  • Is it possible to hold both a Livret A and a Sustainable Development Livret?
  • You can hold both. This solution is ideal if you have reached the limit of your Livret A and look to safely invest a supplementary sum of money. These two savings livrets offer the same return and availability of funds. You can also hold both a Livret A and a Popular Savings Livret, should you be eligible (based on your income).

    Please note: a same person is not allowed to hold several identical livrets (several livrets A or Sustainable Development Livrets under the same name for instance).

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