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A loan offering a preferential rate to purchase real estate

Prêt Compte Épargne Logement

Home Ownership Savings Account Loan (Compte Épargne Logement – CEL Loan), allows, under certain conditions, a bank loan to be obtained at a preferential rate, as well as a savings premium paid by the French government: the CEL Loan.(1)

  • Up to
  • €23,000

(1) Subject to application approval by BNP Paribas.

In detail


Adapted financingreserved for CEL holders

The CEL Loan is reserved for holders of borrowing rights, attained after a period of saving in a CEL for at least 18 months.


Adaptableat any time

At your request, or upon the suggestion of BNP Paribas, you may suspend or modify your payments to suit your budget.

Government Premium

Up to €1,144 An advantage

You can benefit from a French government premium at the end of the saving period if you obtain a loan as a result of your CEL. This is exempt from income tax, but subject to direct debits for social security.

Further details

Detailed characteristics of the


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  • Savings premium, Amount, Term, Rate
  • Supporting documentation, Acceptance period, Availability of funds
  • Repayment, Guarantee, Insurance, Loan maturity
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The CEL loan is available to qualified individual customers of legal age.(1)

You must also be the holder of a CEL that has been accruing interest for at least 18 months (1.5 years).

You must apply for your CEL Loan at any time from the date when your CEL is:

  • eighteen months old, if you use only the rights acquired through the CEL
  • twelve months old, if you use your rights jointly with transferred rights from another CEL that has been open for the minimum eighteen-month period

This application may be submitted during the 5 years following the date of the statement of accrued interest issued at the time the CEL was closed.

(1) Subject to application approval by BNP Paribas.

Amount of accrued interest

The minimum amount of interest must be at least equal to:

  • €22.50 (to finance energy-saving works)
  • €37 (to finance works for repairs or improvements)
  • €75 (to finance a purchase or a construction project)

If rights from several CELs are being used, the minimum interest amount from each CEL must stay within the minimum amounts above.

Purpose of the loans

Principal residence

The CEL Loan finances:

  • the purchase of your main residence, that of one of your ascendants or descendants, or a tenant
  • The financing of this residence may be used for purchasing a new or old property, with or without land; building an individual house; or even building a condominium unit.
  • In the event of a lease, the home must be rented unfurnished

Secondary residence

For CELs opened before 2011-03-01, the CEL Loan may finance the building or purchase of a new secondary residence. It may not be used to finance an older home.


The CEL loan can finance:

  • Works for extensions (creating new habitable surfaces, e.g. a veranda)
  • Certain purchases for real estate repairs or improvement: sanitation, equipment, improvements in the comfort of the home such as installation of a bathroom
  • Energy-saving works: limited to the list of works defined in the 1982-04-27 decree, such as:
    • thermal insulation (installation of panes, double glazing or double windows),
    • improvement of the heating system (boiler replacement)
    • access to new techniques or energy sources (solar energy, wood stove inserts)

When the works are carried out by the borrower, the bank may finance the purchase of materials for an overall amount of €3,050 upon presentation of invoices (e.g. purchase of tiles).

There are also several purposes for loans that are subject to particular financing conditions (e.g. purchasing land, enlarging a home, etc.), and others that may not be financed by a CEL Loan (e.g. land only, houseboats, etc.). Your BNP Paribas advisor is always available to provide you with more information.

Location of the financing:
Purchased properties must be in Metropolitan France, the overseas departments (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Réunion), Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Mayotte. The principality of Monaco and the other overseas territories are not included.

Borrowing rights

These rights are calculated based on the amount of interest accrued over the entire savings term of the CEL, with the addition of any borrowing rights that may have been transferred to you.

You must have acquired these rights and used them completely before using any rights that were transferred to you. If you use only part of your borrowing rights, you may be able to use the remaining rights to obtain other loans.

You can benefit from grants transferred to you by:

  • Your spouse
  • Your ascendants, descendants, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces
  • Your spouse's ascendants, descendants, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces
  • Spouses of your brothers, sisters, ascendants and descendants
  • Spouses of your spouse's brothers, sisters, ascendants and descendants
  • From anyone by inheritance. In this latter case, you (the heir) receive the PEL (home ownership savings plan) and the borrowing rights linked to it.

Rights may not be transferred between de facto spouses or cousins. The transferor must have held the PEL for at least three years. Borrowing rights may only be transferred once to one person only and must be used during the year following the closure of the PEL.

If you benefit from a transfer of rights, you must provide a certificate of the acquired rights before your loan offer is drawn up; this is to be requested from the bank holding the CEL whose rights are being transferred. Certificates issued after 2008-06-18 are valid for 5 years. Previous certificates are no longer valid.

Using CEL borrowing rights does not imply closure of the CEL.

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