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This offer is no longer available since 2016-06-20 for the Esprit Libre package holders and since 2016-10-21 for subscriptions without Esprit Libre.

Tercéo(1) is an exclusive offer by BNP Paribas that allows you to pay for purchases made with your debit card(3) in 3 installments.(2)

  • APR
  • 4.50%

In detail

Tercéo – in stores

SimplicityAn adapted option

You decide at the point of sale (with your debit card) whether or not you want to activate the delayed payment facility.

Tercéo – threshold

SecurityStick to your budget

You define the threshold for activating the payment facility before you begin shopping.


MORE security24 additional months

You receive a 24-month extension of the Manufacturer's Warranty for any purchases made with your debit card.(4)


Without procedural formalitiessimplified payment

No authorization or form to fill out in the store.



You only pay for Tercéo in the form of interest charged when you use the service.(1)

Already benefit from Tercéo?

Modify your thresholdQuick and easy

You can go online to modify the threshold for your Tercéo service.

Further details

Please note

"Tercéo" offers you two options adapted to your budget and current situation.

Detailed characteristics of


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  • Eligibility
  • Term
  • Operation
  • Extension of the Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Termination
  • Rates
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In order to sign up for Tercéo, you must*:

  • Be a private individual of legal age
  • Sign up for, or be the holder of, a BNP Paribas debit card, among the Visa Infinite, Visa Premier or Visa Classic card or the BNP Net card (only for Tercéo Seuil).

When you sign the contract for Tercéo at your branch, you receive a debit card that includes the service.

* Subject to approval of your application by the bank.

(1) The Tercéo payment facilities are loans with a term less than or equal to 90 days. APR of 4.50% as of 2014-10-21.
(2) Subject to approval of your application by the bank.
(3) You can sign up for Tercéo for your Visa Infinite, Visa Premier, Visa Classic, and BNP Net cards (only for Tercéo Threshold).
(4) Subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Information Notice.

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