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BNP Net Card


Secure your online payments

Carte BNP Net

The BNP Net Card is an easily-monitored Visa Classic debit card that allows you to shop online with complete confidence.

Maximum security for your online payments.

In detail

Additional insurance

More insurance More peace of mind

The BNP Net Card includes insurance for non-standard delivery or non-delivery of an item purchased online.

Quick response

Secure your purchasesFraud control

With the BNP Net Card you can quickly react in the event of a fraudulent remote purchase.

Checking on your purchases made easier

100% onlineView your transactions in just 2 clicks

Your BNP Net Card allows your to clearly view your remote payments. From your card area, you can view your remote and in-store purchases.

Kaspersky Security Suite

#1Security guaranteed

Kaspersky Internet Security© offers complete anti-virus protection against all viruses, cyber attacks and spam.

Further details

Please note

KASPERSKY is the #1 anti-virus software in France.

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BNP Net Card

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The BNP Net Card is available to all private individuals of legal age through the Esprit Libre package or independently; it is also available to minors 16 years of age and older, with approval from a legal representative.

You have the option to add a joint account holder or third party as an additional cardholder.

Any Visa Infinite, Visa Premier and Visa Classic cardholders may sign up for the BNP Net Card. Holders of only a Visa Electron Card or Visa Plus Card may not sign up. The BNP Net Card can be included as a second card in the Esprit Libre package.

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