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Bank statements

What is a bank statement?

A bank statement is a document that lists all the transactions recorded by your bank on your account during a certain period (e.g. one day, ten days, one month, etc.).

This document is customized and includes the account details of the account holder(s) and references as well as the following information:

  • Initial positive or negative balance (report of your previous statement) as well as its date of preparation
  • All sums that you deposit (e.g. cash, checks) or payments received from a third party (e.g. transfers) are listed in the credit column of your bank statement
  • All sums associated with cash withdrawals or the use of payment methods (e.g. debit cards, withdrawals, transfers, checks) are listed in the debit column of your bank statement
  • The nature, amount, date and value of each transaction
  • The new positive or negative account balance after taking your transactions into account, which will be listed as the initial balance on your next bank statement

On your bank statements, you will also find important messages from your bank, bank service and transaction fees (marked by a "*") and your account debit authorization, if applicable.

Please note that the date of your bank statements will vary according to the location of the branch holding your deposit account or according to the subscribed optional statement conditions.

Blind or vision-impaired customers may receive a free standard monthly bank statement in braille, upon request.

Online bank statements

With the evolution of technology, it is increasingly common to send bank statements electronically (in PDF format) and view them online, on tablets or on smartphones.

How to switch to online statements: just sign up for the free Online Statements Offer for your personal and/or business accounts.

This offer allows you to:

  • Access your bank statements and contract notices in PDF format, identical in form and content to statements and contract notices in paper format
  • Download and print each of your statements and contract notices (the maximum number of contract notices maintained in your secure personal area on or is 500)
  • Conduct searches by period or account (if you hold multiple accounts)
  • Automatically identify the statements that have been previously viewed.


You can request a copy of your bank statement from your advisor at your branch. The document will be sent to you by mail (the cost is listed in the Rates and Conditions Guide available at your branch or on

Please note
The bank will keep these documents for 10 years after their date of issue.


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