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Assurance Atout Emprunteur

When life presents you with unforeseen circumstances BNP Paribas Borrower Insurance protects you throughout the term of your mortgage loan.(1)

(1) Within the limits of and according to the terms and conditions set forth in the Notice.

In detail

Cost advantage


The cost of insurance is determined at the time adhesion. Your monthly payments never change throughout the term of the contract.

Loyalty bonus


Benefit from a reduction of 20% off the rate of a second adhesion(2).

(2) For current mortgage or business loan policies or those that expired fewer than 24 months ago that are covered by BNP Paribas Borrower Insurance (insurance policies #4208, 4210, 2090/463, 2409/592, 2443/643 and 2456/654).

Fast agreement


In 65% of cases, the contract immediately takes effect! Should you have medical exams to complete, you are covered in the event of accidental death up to the insured portion(3) as soon as you sign up.

(3) The insured portion is the percentage of the borrowed capital that is covered by the insurance.

Simplified steps for medical exams


If you are less than 71 years of age and borrow less than €400,000, a simplified medical form may be sufficient, should other conditions be met.

Do you have medical exams to complete? Quickly select a medical center with our geolocation tool.

Complete coverage


Back pains and psychiatric treatments are covered.

You are covered even if you work (as policeman or firefighter) or practice sports (like kite-surfing or climbing) in high-risk situations.

Skills and expertise


BNP Paribas Borrower Insurance is conceived by experts in the field of borrower insurance. It was awarded for the 10th consecutive year by the investment magazine Dossiers de l’Épargne.

Further details

Detailed features of


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  • 5 Service Guarantees
  • Rates
  • Glossary
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To sign up, you must:

  • Finance your real estate purchase with BNP Paribas or one of its overseas subsidiaries
  • Reside in a State that is part of the European Economic Area or in New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna or the Principality of Monaco
  • Sign all required documents for the adhesion
  • Satisfy medical requirements
  • Be a private individual of 18 to 80 years of age (for Death coverage) and to 65 years of age for the PTIA, IPT and ITT(1) guarantees if you hold a job, up to 61 years of age for the Loss of Employment guarantee.

(1) See glossary below.

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